Lodge Water of Leith News...

 Brethren, Lodge Water of Leith No 1267 now return to our winter
 programme, where we meet First and Third Thursday of each month...
 Our Next Regular Meeting will be on Thursday 16th January 2020 Tyling at 
 7.15pm and will be an exemplification of the EA Degree.  Followed by   Informal Harmony.  All Members in good standing are very welcome.
 On Thursday 6th February 2020 we will be working an exemplification of   the FC Degree Tyling at 7.15pm  Once again all Brethren in good standing   are very welcome to attend and stay for an unofficial Harmony.  e look f   forward to your company.

Meeting Nights :

Every 1st & 3rd Thursdays from September to April

Every 3rd Thursday from May to August


26 Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2ER 

webmaster: George Waugh