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Lodge Water of Leith No. 1267 History


A Meeting was held in the Church Hall Slateford on 14 January 1921, 38 Brethren attended. Bro. Borthwick No. 160 taking the Chair. Proposed use of the Schoolroom had been discounted as being unsuitable. 

The Minister of the Parish was approached for the use of the Church Hall and a letter was read intimating their terms viz: 15/- per Meeting (Fifteen Shillings (Twenty Shillings to the Pound ) no drinking allowed, and although they did not allow smoking it would be left to the Masonic body to prohibit it or not.

At a further Meeting on the 26 January 1921, a Bro. Finlay Ross No. 270 intimated that the Public Hall could be used and advised the alterations that would be required and it was also stipulated in very distinct terms that no Liquor was to be consumed in the premises.

At a Meeting of the founders in the Public Hall Longstone, on Friday 11 March It was proposed that Bro. Davidson Scott a Past Master of Lodge Heart of Midlothian No 832 our Sponsor Lodge, would be the First RWM of the new Lodge. Our other Sponsor Lodge would Be Lodge Abbotsford No 937. The Two Wardens would be Bro R Hutton No 832 Senior Warden, and Bro. Bro. R Dalgleish No 90 The Ancient Lodge of Forfar Kilwinning Junior Deacon.

It was also agreed that the Lodge would be called Water of Leith, and the colours would be Brown and Gold, symbolising the golden sun glinting on the brown muddy water of the "Water of Leith"

At a Meeting on Thursday 12 May at 8.00 o'clock. Bro. Scott intimated that the Charter had been granted under the name of Lodge Water of Leith No 1267 which intimation was received by hearty applause. Bro. Scott also informed the founders that the wish of Grand Lodge that the test Fee of 5/- had been met with.

The conditions of the Hall were to be 17/6d for each Meeting although if the Hall was not required on the second Thursday the charge would only be 7/6d. the use of the kitchen could be had for an additional 1/6d these conditions were agreed.

It was also confirmed that the consecration Dinner will be held on Saturday 23rd June 1921.

This happened and the rest as they say is history....

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